NeoVISION120 120V SideFlex Neon Tape

120VAC operation for higher power and brightness from one linear run. Flexible linear “neon” tape is designed for applications that require ultra-rich light and color saturation that is characteristic of neon. SideFlex enables side-to-side bending for curvilinear lines. NeoVision120 tapes provide long, continuous runs up to 163 feet.

  • 120VAC operation (no driver required)
  • 3.4W per foot (colors) or 4.3W per foot (white)
  • Wet location – IP65
  • Multiple power feed options
  • Tape encased in UV stable silicone (UV protected)
  • Triac/ELV Dimmable
  • 2700K, 3000K or 4000K / Amber, Blue, Green or Red
  • 120° viewing angle
  • Maximum run: 163′
  • Made to order in 12” increments




Ordering Information

Catalog No. Lumens per Foot CRI Color Temp. Max. Run
NV120S-4W-27K-FT 116 90+ 2700K 163′
NV120S-4W-30K-FT 121 90+ 3000K 163′
NV120S-4W-40K-FT 140 90+ 4000K 163′
NV120S-3W-AM-FT 25 90+ AMBER 163′
NV120S-3W-BL-FT 15 90+ BLUE 163′
NV120S-3W-GR-FT 79 90+ GREEN 163′
NV120S-3W-RD-FT 40 90+ RED 163′


Catalog No. Description
NV120S-HW-8-EF Hardwire End Feed w/Filter & 8A Fuse
NV120S-HW-8-SFL Hardwire Side Feed Left w/Filter & 8A Fuse
NV120S-HW-8-SFR Hardwire Side Feed Right w/Filter & 8A Fuse
NV120S-PC-8-EF Plug-in End Feed w/Filter & 8A Fuse
NV120S-PC-8-SFL Plug-in Side Feed Left w/Filter & 8A Fuse
NV120S-PC-8-SFR Plug-in Side Feed Right w/Filter & 8A Fuse
NV24S-TTC6 Tape to tape 6” flexible connector
NV120S-MC-FC Front Clip, 20 Clips/40 Screws
NV120S-MC-A Back Mounting Clip, 20 Clips/20 Screws
NV120S-CHL-A4 4 ft Channel with 4 Screws
NV120S-CHL-A8 8 ft Channel with 8 Screws
NV120S-FLEX-CHL-10 SideFlex 10 ft Channel with 22 Screws