Who We Are

For almost 20 years, GM Lighting has been a major supplier of under cabinet lighting, LED linear tape lighting, and accent lighting for the residential, commercial and hospitality industries. As one of the first manufacturers to introduce LED diodes on a linear, flexible tape – we opened up the market that serviced long run, dimmable and high CRI linear applications. GM marketed LED tape in a wide variety of color temps, enabling lighting designers and architects the widest latitude in lighting design.

Over the years, as our product line grew, we never forgot the reason for our success. Not only was that due to the ever changing and growing line of cutting edge and reliable lighting products that we provided, but also the connection that we made to the lighting industry. We are as known for our high level of customer service as we are for anything else. The demands of our changing industry never diverted us from this goal – to supply the best in lighting products while offering excellent support and service.