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ChromaDim Tunable White Lighting Control System

ChromaDim is a Tunable White & Dimmable Lighting Control System. The wall controller and integrated driver pair automatically through the RF signal when the light is switched on. ChromaDim is a simple and cost-effective solution for our LTR-S-TUN-24V Tunable White LED Tape. Tunable White allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for your place or event from warm to cool white light. 

  • Tunable White Wall Controller and Driver 
  • 120VAC Wall Switch with no Battery Required 
  • Works with GM's 24VDC Tunable White LED tape (LTR-S-TUN-24V-3.0W) 
  • Simple Installation w/ Automatic Pairing 
  • Fits US Standard Gang Box 
  • Flicker-Free Soft Dimming 
  • Compliant to IEEE and Title 24 Requirements 
  • A Single Wall Switch Can Control Multiple LED Drivers (6) 
  • UL Listed 

Ordering Information

Model Description
LTR-S-TUN-SYS Tunable White CCT Lighting System; Wall Controller and Driver
LTR-S-TUN-24V-90W 90W 24V Tunable White Driver; Driver Only