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ChromaDim Tunable White Lighting Control System

ChromaDim Tunable White & Dimming System offers a single switch and driver eliminating redundant components and compatibility issues for superior performance. Enjoy smooth and soft color tunning by customizing your tunable white installation. Device pairing takes place automatically when the light is first switched on.

  • Tunable White Wall Controller and Driver 
  • 120VAC Wall Switch with no Battery Required 
  • Works with Tunable White tape, puck lights, downlights
  • Simple Installation w/ Automatic Pairing 
  • Flicker-Free Soft Dimming 
  • Compliant to IEEE and Title 24 Requirements 
  • A Single Wall Switch Can Control Multiple LED Drivers (6) 
  • UL Listed 

Ordering Information

Model Description
LTR-S-TUN-SYS Tunable White CCT Lighting System; Wall Controller and Driver
LTR-S-TUN-24V-90W 90W 24V Tunable White Driver; Driver Only