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Product Compatibility Tool

Power Supply Wattage Calculator (Optional)

  • For LEDtask LED/ NeoVision24 tape, enter the total length of your job.


    Recommended Power Supply Wattage :

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GM Product Compatibility Tool Instructions
Choosing the right power supply for your GM fixture or LED tape application is simple!  
1.  Select Category:  Using the drop-down menu, find your product category.  We’ve listed all 12 volt, 24 volt and 120 volt lighting products right here.
2.  Select Model:  Select the exact model.  Your model is determined by things like length, wattage, finish, etc.
3.  Select Voltage:
 Voltage has already been selected depending on your model choice.  Use the drop down menu so that the voltage is visible.
4.  Select Power Type:  You have your choice between Electronic (ELV) or Magnetic (MLV). Check your GM Lighting Catalog or website on benefits of both types of driver.
5.  OPTIONAL:  If you are configuring a run of a certain amount of feet, whether it is LED tape or linked fixtures, you can add those details in the Supply Wattage Calculator
6.  Calculate:  Click this button and a list of applicable power supplies will result.  The most applicable will be shown in green.