24VDC RGBW Flexible Color Changing LED Tape for Dry or Wet Location



IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product is being phased out by end of Q2, 2020.  At that time, limited product may be available.  Please contact your GM customer service rep.  Please see new LEDTask™ 2020 RGBW product here.


RGBW is the next step in color changing RGB linear lighting technology.  With the RGBW, not only do you have a virtually unlimited palette of color combinations, you are also able to add true white 3000K as an alternate mode.  With both a dry and wet location 24VDC tape any environment can be home to true white 3000K, intense color saturation, transition effects, and fade to white effects.  Available in 16’-4” (5M) reels.  RGBW Repeater enables multiple runs.  Wet location not to be submerged directly in water.

Custom lengths available - consult factory

Key Features:

  • True white 3000K alternate mode available
  • Create dazzling colorful linear displays
  • True 3000K white adds another lighting variation
  • Flexible LED tape that is cuttable in the field (cuttable every 6 diodes or 4" / 102mm)
  • Tight diode spacing enables even light distribution
  • Flexible tape to tape and tape to power supply EZ connectors available
  • Shipped in anti-static packaging
  • Available in 16'-4" (5M) reels


  • 24VDC non-dimming remote power supply required
  • Rated at 4W (wet) / 6W (dry) per foot
  • 120° viewing angle
  • 50,000 hr. operation


  • For use with LEDTask™ 24VDC Color Changing Controller
  • Hand held remote available
  • Creates fades and effects for up to 4 reels


  • ETL


  • 5 year warranty

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Location Length Watts/Foot Lumens
ESR5-RGBW-24VDC-30K DRY 16'-4" (5M) 6W N/A
ESR5WP-RGBW-24VDC-30K WET 16'-4" (5M) 4W N/A

Each 5M DRY LOCATION length includes: (1) 24" tape to controller connectors, (1) EZ1 tape to tape connector and  (1) 60" lead affixed to start of run.
Each 5M WET LOCATION length includes: (1) end cap with silicone, (20) mounting clips with screws and (1) 60" lead affixed to start of run.
NOTE:  Wet location reel is field cuttable.  Cut and terminate only.



Catalog No. Description
RGBW-RTR-EZ-1 EZ Connector
RGBW-RTR-EZ-3 3" EZ tape to tape connector
RGBW-RTR-EZ-12 12" EZ tape to tape connector
RGBW-RTR-EZ-24 24" EZ tape to tape connector
RGBW-RTR-EZ-36 36" EZ tape to tape connector
RGBW-RTR-EZ-60 60" EZ tape to tape connector
RGBW-RPS-EZ-60 60" EZ tape to controller connector

RGBW wet location accessory kit that contains:  tube of silicone sealant, (6) silicone mounting clips (RGBW size), (12) stainless steel screws and (1) silicone end cap


RGBW power repeater
RGBW-RWC RGBW controller with battery powered remote.  Battery included.

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