24VDC Dimmable Architectural LED Lightbar



LARC5 24VDC Architectural LED Linear Lightbar is a 8”, 16”, 24” or 32”  brushed aluminum, rigid and unobtrusive (only .81” thickness) dimmable LED Lightbar that utilizes a dense array of strategically placed LEDs.  LARC5  can be interconnected in series from one 24VDC power source.  Only 3.9W for 8”, 7.8W for 16”, 11.7W for 24” and 15.6W for 32”.  50,000 hour LED life.  Designed for cove lighting, commercial and architectural applications.  Frosted lens assures an even glow over the length of the fixture with no visible diode imaging.

Designed for under cabinet lighting, commercial  and architectural lighting applications.

Key Features:

  • Dimmable
  • 3000K Warm White
  • 50,000 Hour LED Life
  • Units join securely together with lightbar to light bar connectors
  • Can be mounted with double-stick tape or included brackets

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Color Wattage/Bar Amps/Bar Lumens/Bar Length
LARC5-8-30 3000K 3.9W 0.16 182 8"
LARC5-16-30 3000K 7.8W 0.16 364 16"
LARC5-24-30 3000K 11.7W 0.16 546 24"
LARC5-32-30 3000K 15.6W 0.16 728 32"

Each fixture comes complete with 2) mountings clips, 2) mounting screws, 1) end cap, and 1) 24"  bar to power connector(LARC5-PS-24).   Kelvin temperature(color) +/- 200K     



Catalog No. Description
LARC5-BB-4 4" Flexible Lightbar to Lightbar Connector
LARC5-BB-12 12" Flexible Lightbar to Lightbar Connector
LARC5-BB-36 36" Flexible Lightbar to Lightbar Connector
LARC5-BB-60 60" Flexible Lightbar to Lightbar Connector
LARC5-PS-24 24" Lightbar to Power Supply Connector
LARC5-PS-48 48" Lightbar to Power Supply Connector
LARC5-PS-60 60" Lightbar to Power Supply Connector
GMSB-W Splice Box - White - 2"L x 1"W x 5/8"D
GMSB-B Splice Box - Black - 2"L x 1"W x 5/8"D

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LARC5 Series




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LARC5 Series



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