12VDC RGB Color Changing LED Controller and Remote



IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product is being phased out by end of Q2, 2020.  At that time, limited product may be available.  Please contact your GM customer service rep.  Please see new LEDTask™ 2020 RGBW controller with remote and repeater products here.

Create fades and colorful lighting effects with this easy to use RGB LED Linear Tape Controller and Remote.  Allows the ability to program 16 preset modes that enable a palette of colors to remain constant, or to have the colors fade and  transition to other colors.   Brightness and speed adjustable.  One of the most powerful and versatile RGB controllers on the market.


Color Effects:

  • Static Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White
  • 3-Color Skipping
  • 7-Color Skipping
  • White Color Strobe
  • 3-Color Smooth
  • Full Color Smooth
  • RG Color Smooth
  • RB Color Smooth
  • GB Color Smooth
  • White Color Fade and Change

NOTE: Use only electronic non dimmable power supplies  RGB  brightness is controlled exclusively by the controller , do not dim on the primary side or use a dimmer switch. Max length of tape load on a given run is 1 reel(36watts). Multiple runs can be fed off of the controller and amplifiers.  Do not exceed total maximum wattage loads on the controller or amplifier.(144w)   Max load on the controller itself is 144watts, maximum load on any single amplifier is 144 watts. Each controller and amplifier requires a 12VDC input to power the load on that device.  Multiple amps can be connected to the controller allowing for larger systems. 


Click here for RGB Amplifier



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Catalog No. Description Wattage Amps Finish
RGB-12-Controller RGB Touch Controller with Wireless Remote 144W 16.0 Max White

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Controller and Remote



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